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A Kitchen Studio
Hyderabad, India
Everyday, 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM

About us

Luqma is an Urdu word meaning Morsel. Luqma is the connoisseur of Authentic Hyderabadi cuisine and serves a home styled taste. We deliver both packed spices and cooked meals.
Our new venture namely ‘Luqma Kitchen Studio’ carries everything under a roof from tasty dishes – that leaves no connoisseurs go without licking their chops, to a safe space for women who wish to bond & build their networks in the bistro.The woman chefs serve authentic Hyderabad delicacies out of their legerdemain skills.

Our aim is to provide livelihoods to marginalized single women. Quality is uncompromised and for that no additives or taste enhancers are used and our Raw materials are pure and unadulterated. Each bite guarantees unique taste and serves value for money.

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